Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Advice from St. Clare (2nd Letter to Blessed Agnes of Prague)

Here are words of advice offered by Clare to Agnes.  The centuries have not weakened the power of that advice:

What you hold, may you continue to hold, 
what you do, may you keep doing and not stop,  
but with swift pace, nimble step, and feet that do not stumble 
so that even your walking does not raise any dust, 
may you go forward tranquilly, joyfully, briskly, and cautiously 
along the path of happiness,  
trusting in no one and agreeing with no one 
insofar as he might want to dissuade you 
from pursuing your founding purpose 
or might place a stumbling block in your way, 
preventing you, in that perfection 
with which the Spirit of the Lord has called you, 
from fulfilling your vows to the Most High.

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